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Commercial cleaning made simple

Professional cleaning services in Central Pennsylvania
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Are you frustrated with cleaning services that:
  • Cancel at the last minute?
  • Don't vet their employees thoroughly?
  • Don't act like professionals or treat your business with respect?

We specialize in commercial cleaning and we can customize your cleaning to fit the needs of your building. We'll give you a clean space that you're employees will love to work in and your customers will love to visit.
We focus on cleaning so you can focus on your business.

Contact Us for a free Quote!

We will come visit your commercial space (office, store, church, etc.) and walk through it with you before we provide you with a custom quote. Walk-throughs typically take 15-30 minutes depending on the size of your building.
We just like to let all of our potential clients know up front that we do charge a minimum of $200/wk for all our commercial accounts. So sometimes we're not the best fit for smaller offices that just need an hour or two of cleaning each week. This minimum allows us to hire top-notch employees who are thoroughly trained and leave our customers with a sparkling building they will love. For more pricing, please visit our pricing page.

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